Poems Those were the days

Those were the days

As I stand here and gaze,
up at the silent corridors.
My eyes search for that familiar face
that face I had sought after years ago
that slowly spreading smile
those deep dreamy eyes
that lit a thousand flames within me

Suddenly I was taken back in time
I was standing in the same place
surrounded by happy smiling faces
I look up to the crowded corridors
Among the faceless crowd one face stands out
So radiant, so distinct
So fresh like the morning flower
Standing there she seemed to hold
the key to all my happiness.
For a moment it seemed
she was looking at me, and then, she smiled
but I was lost long ago
lost in the mistiness of her eyes

Slowly the mist clears away
and I find myself back in the present
I am still staring at the empty corridors
the crowd has gone
the face has gone
Only silence prevailed
and a sad realization
that the flame I thought had died years ago
still flickered deep in my heart
beneath the thick layers of dust,
that has gathered with the passage of time.



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  1. That’s indeed a very sweet poem, with the emotions expressed through simple yet profound lines. Unlike those poems which just go over the head.

    Keep writing such poems, you are good at it. 🙂

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