Life would go on….

When the sunlight melts into twilight
and the pale moon decks up the evening sky
I’ll think of those magical moments we had
and my heart will mutter a silent cry

Far away from a distant land, I know
You would long to re-live our world of dreams
but entwined by the viscious tentacles of fate
you would succumb to destiny’s unfair schemes

The fairylands would be there no more
and the woods would be lost in the mists of time
but the memories of these times will forever stay
when life was like a perfect rhyme

Life would go on as it always did
and the world would also be just the same
but somewhere deep within my heart,i would
long to keep alive that flickering flame.


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  1. This is absoulutly terrifc..just perfect with this image and background.
    Just want to say sorry I never posted. It is nothing personal- just me and my hang-ups. Hope you have a wonderful week.
    All my best to you, Regina-

  2. how often have I thought to look into the mist,
    how often I yearned to be a part of it,
    though the swirling crowd
    all around me
    nudges me into reality
    how tempting that seat
    lost in the forlorn mist seems…
    thus a while,
    just a little while
    will I spend,
    stop by,
    sigh a bit,
    or will take deep breathe…

    just a while,
    the city keeps dragging me
    into its malicious whirlpool
    where the day goes tireless
    and nights are speakless
    where darkness in light visible
    where cosmos turns inside out.


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