Poems That Night

That Night..

That night
I stared at the silent stars
and saw my world unfold around me
death and destruction all it was
speeding cars whizzing past
scattered limbs, broken hearts
a thousand screams rent the air
I looked around for a sign of peace
a loud explosion greets me there
burning houses , crying children
blood-smeared hands murderous eyes
victory for one death for the other
man kills man in the name of war
man kills man in the name of god
this is the world we’ve made for ourselves
this is the world we are leaving for our children..



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  1. Was this something you went through or? The last part..it appears that way. What really motivates man in the first place? If its religion, it's not God first.. and if its political, then that may just be religious too?
    This was thought provoking-
    Hope you didn't get fed up with me from that last post?

  2. man use the cause to hide their true wicked intentions…
    sadly, man have forgotten that in the end, all of us, are man, or in other words, all men are man…

  3. Thanks a lot Kilauea…
    It not directly related to me.. but it what we see around us… even a crime like war gets justified..

    and regarding the last post… your comment was perfectly alright.. there was nothing to be taken otherwise.. 🙂

  4. I really appreciate it..I was kind of worried about that- was unsure and didn't want you to think I was pain, ha. Anyway thanks and for this interesting post- have a great weekend-

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