It was dark like this the other day

It was dark like this the other day
when life, it turned the other way.

my world instantly came tumbling down,
and yesterday’s king became today’s clown.

As if to mourn my fate’s call,
Nature cast a gloomy pall

Thundershowers lashed the earth
waking man from his blisfull mirth

My eyes sifted through the heavy rain
as i gauged the depth of my inner pain

blurred images played on my mind’s eye
of countless moments that just passed us by

moments of sorrow, moments of joy,
lost in the midst of fate’s whimsical ploy

life for me will ne’er be the same
coz i’ve lost my all in the final game

It was dark like this the other day
when life, it turned its face away.



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  1. hey found you in indiblogger! al the best fro the contest…this poem in particular is nice..lost in the midst of fate's whimsical ploy is my favorite line….

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