Beneath the dark clouds Poems

Beneath the dark clouds

Beneath the dark clouds of gloom,
people yearn for a ray of hope.
A little hope that could sustain their lives,
as the deadly rot eats into the decaying society.
The decay creeps into human hearts,
wiping away the last drops of humanity.
And, when immorality rules the human minds,
Culture and tradition becomes things of the past
And, society becomes a barren stretch of lifeless monuments,
Where relationships are based on personal gains,
made and broken at each ones convenience,
where hearts are torn apart
and every drop of blood cries out for revenge.
And, when mankind survives at the edge of extinction
life becomes an ocean of death
death of humanity, of human feelings.

– BK


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  1. @ Dan- Thank u
    @ Kalidas – u r right, it will take a long time for things to get better.. being optimistic is the least we can do.
    @ Vinayak – Thank u very much dear.. 🙂

    @ Shraddha – Thanks for ur compliments.. but i havent faced anything by gods grace.. 🙂

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