The Hills of Darjeeling

The Hills of Darjeeling

It was in the summer of 2008 when I finally managed to make a trip to Darjeeling. We were a small group of 7 friends who decided to take a break and spend our weekend in the silent, peaceful valleys of Darjeeling. After traveling 8 hours by train we finally reached New Jalpaiguri. We hired a Sumo to take us through the three hours journey from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling. It was one of the most memorable journeys I have ever made. I was completely awestruck by everything I saw around me, the terrain , the scenery, the huge mountains with white clouds resting on them. As we continued our journey up the mountains, I felt I was getting closer to heaven. The path that we were taking was a narrow road cut along the side of the mountain, with the mountain on one side and a sharp valley on the other. The first rays of the sun could be seen over the hills on the other side of the valley. The fresh mountain breeze was filling the Sumo, and my spirits too. The peace and tranquility of the whole place was slowly sinking in. Soon we passed Kuresong, a small but busy town set on the top of the mountains.

Kuresong was thriving with activity even at such early hours, with school children and elderly people stopping to stare into the Sumo as we passed them. They probably find it amusing that people invest so much time and money to spend their weekends in the mountains. We moved on climbing further up higher into the clouds. We could barely see the rugged terrain now, everything was covered in white smoke adding an eerie feel to it. Soon we were above the clouds. We could see the valley covered in white foamy blanket. Another 30 minutes drive and we entered the heart of Darjeeling, filled with tourists and local guides. There were Sumos parked all along the side of the road with lodges and hotels strewn all over the place. We moved into one of the many lodges. The rooms were pretty ordinary but the view from the balcony was worth millions. The lodge was built at the edge of the mountain with the balcony overlooking a deep valley stretching for many miles and bordered by mountains on the other side. We could see the clouds floating across the valley below. We spent 2 days and 2 nights exploring and admiring the scenic beauty of the place, the green mountains , the lush tea gardens , the deep valleys , the fresh mountain air , the misty mornings…. I feel that I left behind a part of myself amongst the hills of Darjeeling. The hills still haunt me, there is something which calls me back. Probably the memories of good times spend with good friends….


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  1. Didnt u make it to Gangtok?
    Gangtok is a great place too .In winter you can visit the frozen changu lake too

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